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What Makes a Good Realtor

Oct 20, 2023 By Susan Kelly

Are you looking for a realtor who can help you find the perfect home? When making this important decision, it's important to understand what separates great realtors from the rest.

Many different skills and qualities make up an excellent realtor - from knowledge of the local area to being organized and communicative when working with clients.

In this blog post, we will explore all the essential characteristics of a qualified realtor that can help make your search stress-free and successful.


When selecting a realtor, it is crucial to prioritize knowledge and experience in the field. These qualifications can significantly impact the quality of service and the outcomes of your real estate transactions.

An experienced realtor deeply understands the local market conditions, pricing trends, and property values. They can provide valuable insights and guidance based on their years of experience in the industry.

A knowledgeable realtor stays up-to-date with the latest laws, regulations, and industry practices. They comprehensively understand the buying and selling processes, negotiation strategies, and contract requirements.

This expertise enables them to navigate potential challenges and ensure smooth transactions. To assess a realtor's qualifications, consider their years of experience, track record of successful deals, professional certifications, and affiliations with reputable real estate organizations.

Seek recommendations from previous clients to gauge their expertise and client satisfaction. By selecting a knowledgeable and experienced realtor, you can enhance your real estate experience and increase the likelihood of achieving your desired outcomes.


Effective communication is a vital characteristic of a good realtor. Finding someone who prioritizes clear and consistent communication throughout the process is essential when choosing a real estate agent.

Skilled realtor understands the importance of keeping their clients informed and updated. A good realtor will actively listen to your needs and preferences, ensuring they understand your goals and expectations.

They will provide timely updates on new listings, market trends, and any developments related to your real estate transaction. Whether it's via phone calls, emails, or in-person meetings, they will maintain open lines of communication and promptly address any questions or concerns you may have.

A proactive realtor will provide regular progress reports, keep you informed about offers and negotiations, and guide you through the paperwork involved in the buying or selling process.

By maintaining a transparent and responsive communication style, a good realtor helps foster trust, clarity, and a positive working relationship throughout your real estate journey.

Honesty and Integrity

When selecting a realtor, it is crucial to prioritize honesty and integrity over someone solely focused on making a quick sale. An honest and ethical realtor puts your best interests first and ensures transparency.

A realtor with integrity will provide accurate and reliable information about properties, pricing, market conditions, and potential risks involved in a transaction.

They will not withhold crucial details or mislead you for their gain. Instead, they will provide unbiased advice and guide you in making informed decisions that align with your needs and objectives.

Honest realtors will be upfront about their fees, commissions, and potential conflicts of interest. They will prioritize your satisfaction and work diligently to negotiate the best possible outcomes on your behalf.

To evaluate a realtor's honesty and integrity, consider seeking referrals from trusted sources, reading online reviews, and conducting interviews to assess their reputation and ethical standards.

Choosing a realtor who operates with honesty and integrity ensures a smoother and more trustworthy real estate experience.


When searching for a realtor, conducting thorough research to find someone with an excellent reputation in the community is crucial. A realtor's reputation reflects their track record of professionalism, client satisfaction, and successful transactions.

Start by seeking recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have had positive experiences with real estate agents. Online review platforms and real estate websites can also provide valuable insights into a realtor's reputation.

Consider checking with local real estate associations or licensing boards to ensure the realtor is in good standing and has no disciplinary actions or complaints against them.

A realtor with a strong reputation demonstrates reliability, trustworthiness, and a commitment to providing excellent service. They will likely have a community network of connections and resources, which can benefit you throughout your real estate journey.

Choosing a realtor with an outstanding reputation increases the likelihood of working with a professional who is respected in the industry and can deliver exceptional results.

Negotiation Skills

Finding someone with strong negotiation skills is important when searching for a realtor. A realtor's ability to negotiate effectively can significantly impact the outcome of your home buying or selling process.

A skilled negotiator understands the real estate market dynamics and employs strategies to advocate for your interests. They have the confidence to navigate through offers, counteroffers, and potential obstacles to secure the best possible deal on your behalf.

A realtor with strong negotiation skills can assess market conditions, analyze comparable properties, and leverage that information to negotiate favorable terms, such as purchase price, repairs, or closing costs.

They are adept at communication, persuasive reasoning, and finding creative solutions that benefit their clients. To evaluate a realtor's negotiation skills, consider their experience in handling complex transactions, their success rate in securing favorable deals, and their ability to understand your priorities and negotiate accordingly.

Client testimonials and references can also provide insights into their effectiveness as negotiators. Choosing a realtor with strong negotiation skills ensures that your interests are well-represented and maximizes your chances of achieving the best possible outcome in your real estate transaction.

Attention to Detail

Ensuring that your realtor pays attention to all the details is crucial for a smooth and successful real estate transaction. A detail-oriented realtor will meticulously handle paperwork, contracts, and disclosures, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

They will coordinate inspections, review reports, and promptly address any issues. Additionally, they will diligently oversee closing costs, ensuring transparency and accuracy.

By choosing a realtor with strong attention to detail, you can have confidence that no important aspect of your transaction will be overlooked or neglected.


What are the best characteristics of a real estate agent?

Real estate agents serve an important function in buying and selling property. They provide invaluable knowledge to their clients about the real estate market, handle negotiations for the best deals, and guide them throughout the process. It’sIt'swonder why many people rely on them when relocating or investing.

What is the definition of a good realtor?

A good realtor is reliable, experienced, knowledgeable about the local area, and has great customer service skills. They should be able to understand their clients and provide them with helpful advice that will best serve their interests. A good realtor also understands how to negotiate on behalf of buyers or sellers to get the most favorable terms possible.

What personality type is a real estate agent?

A successful real estate agent will have many different personality traits. They should be assertive, confident, and persistent when dealing with clients. Realtors must also possess excellent communication skills, allowing them to effectively convey information to buyers and sellers alike.


Researchers have found that when selecting a realtor, the important qualifications include communication skills, honesty and integrity, a good reputation in the industry, strong negotiation skills, and attention to detail. But these qualities make for a great Realtor; customer service should also be a top priority. You want someone who will understand and consider your needs and clearly explain things to you in a language you can understand.

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